An Overview

​In 1889, Andrew Carnegie wrote The Gospel of Wealth arguing that those with wealth have a responsibility to distribute it carefully to areas where it will provide the highest societal benefit. John D. Rockefeller was influenced by Carnegie's essay and in 1893, he hired Frederick T. Gates, a Baptist minister, as a business and philanthropic advisor. One of the first philanthropic advisors, Gates helped Rockefeller create a charitable vision to further "the well-being of mankind throughout the world." Gates was also instrumental in urging Rockefeller to establish his eponymous Foundation. Founded in 1913, the Rockefeller Foundation is arguably one of the most important nonprofit institutions of the 20th century. It is responsible for significant advances in health and medical care, and education. Over 170 Foundation grantees have received Nobel Prizes. To learn more about the history of philanthropy, click on the button:

Appreciating that a strategic approach to philanthropy can produce impressive results, Delphi Partners first ensures that a client's vision and objectives are understood. A strategy to meet these objectives is then developed and a team of experts is assembled to make that vision a reality.

With a significant portion of wealth invested in noncash assets, it is important to give real estate and personal property the same consideration as cash, securities and other financial assets, particularly since the value of noncash assets can change significantly over time. Taking into account property and its impact in an overall wealth management strategy is especially important when:

  • Developing an estate plan
  • Approaching retirement
  • Funding or seeking to fund a large charitable gift
  • In need of liquidity
  • Settling an estate
  • Holding significant wealth in real estate and other noncash assets
  • Holding highly appreciated property
  • Acquiring or deaccessioning art and other collectibles

Delphi Partners provides comprehensive philanthropic advisory and property evaluation and disposition services to individuals as well as to nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, corporations and law firms.  A strategic partner, Delphi Partners will support and enhance products and services related to financial and estate planning, charitable gift planning and asset disposition to help companies and professional advisors serve their clients.

Delphi Partners has a seasoned team of philanthropic advisors, financial consultants, legal advisors, real estate and art professionals, appraisal experts, and fundraising and marketing professionals, who have the depth of knowledge and experience to meet the development and philanthropic objectives of its clients.

Based in New York City, Delphi Partners operates nationally and internationally. 

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