Our Services

​Philanthropic Advisory Services
Delphi Partners provides philanthropic advisory services to individuals and their families, and to banks and professional advisors for their clients.

Over 72 cents of every dollar donated to charitable organizations is given by a living person. Another 8 cents comes from estates. Therefore, 80 percent of all giving comes from individuals, not foundations and not corporations. Further, growth in the value of real estate and personal property, such as art and other collectibles, has resulted in these assets becoming a major component of an individual's net worth. Such assets can play an important role in charitable giving.

Many are now beginning their estate planning at an earlier age – in their 50s instead of their 60s and 70s. In developing personalized philanthropic plans that reflect a donor’s interests, needs and aspirations, Delphi Partners takes into account that most people:

  • Give to dreams and visions. Donors want to support an important cause  –  a program with the potential for creating a significant change for good.
  • Donate to programs and institutions that are successful and fiscally responsible.
  • Take advantage of tax benefits, although it is typically not the primary driver.
  • Give because it feels uplifting. Recognition and status are also important motivators.
  • Give emotionally, not intellectually.

Delphi Partners works collaboratively with its clients to design philanthropic plans that first and foremost support the donor's vision. 

Gifts of Real Estate: Evaluation, Management and Sales Services
Delphi Partners evaluates, manages and sells real estate for philanthropic purposes.

Donating real estate can provide significant financial and tax benefits.

  • For the charity-minded individual, benefits can include avoiding capital gains taxes, reducing income and estate taxes, and generating income through a charitable trust.
  • Businesses can also derive tax benefits – and earn goodwill – by donating unused or underutilized property or property that is highly appreciated.

Almost any type of real estate, domestic or international, can be gifted.

Delphi Partners can help individuals and institutions determine the best way to donate and receive real estate, given their unique circumstances, and will then manage the entire donation process, through transfer. Delphi Partners also manages real estate transactions for estate settlements and as contributions to donor advised funds.

Gifts of Art and Collectibles: Evaluation, Management and Sales Services
Delphi Partners evaluates, manages and sells noncash assets to support philanthropic objectives. These assets can include fine art, antiques, watercraft, classic cars and intellectual property.

Donating noncash assets is a complex undertaking that requires skilled oversight. The IRS differentiates assets that are “for the benefit of” a nonprofit organization from assets that are “for the use of” an organization.

  • A donation that is “for the use of” an organization has to be relevant to its purpose (e.g. a painting given to a museum). For these gifts, the donor can deduct the fair market value.
  • A donation that is “for the benefit of” an organization is not relevant to its purpose (e.g. a painting given to a hospital that would sell the painting). For these gifts, the donor can deduct only the original cost basis.

Delphi Partners helps clients structure the donation to maximize the impact and fiscal benefits of their gift. Through strategic relationships with art and appraisal experts, Delphi Partners offers comprehensive appraisal, management and disposition services. Delphi Partners also manages art transactions for estate settlements and as contributions to donor advised funds.

Noncash Asset Fundraising Programs
Delphi Partners develops specialized fundraising programs for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to solicit gifts of real estate, art and collectibles.

Program services include ongoing marketing to encourage donations, client training, donor pitch strategies and the evaluation, management and sale of offered properties.

  • Gifts of real estate are the new fundraising frontier. Real estate is a large component of the U.S. economy, with privately held property alone estimated at over $24 trillion. In 2010, the IRS reported that over $5.9 billion in gifts of real estate were made in 2007, and that number is growing steadily.
  • The art market has grown steadily over the past decade, driving prices up and creating significantly appreciated values. Art and collectibles can represent an important part of an individual’s net worth and therefore, are often included in financial and estate plans. In 2010, the IRS reported that over $1 billion in art and other collectibles was donated in 2007.

The potential for gifts of real estate, art and collectibles, already large, continues to grow. Organizations and donors both benefit when real estate and other noncash assets can be gifted – the donor through financial, tax and other benefits, the nonprofit through additional funds.